Selection of operators

in risk-sensitive industries – with assessment of cognitive capacities, stress tolerance and reaction patterns, personal and interpersonal style, leadership potential, - all according to the given position and job requirements.

Human Factor courses and training

– general, aligned to characteristics of given professional function areas and roles, or as specified in industry regulations. We provide insights into hazards and coping mechanisms related to human performance and teamwork.

Risk assessment of operative team performance

– to uncover the potential hazards in team operations and assist the management in the development of training objectives and programs.

Trainer & instructor courses

– addressing general training techniques and how the professionals can apply their individual assets and styles to excel as instructors. Our courses have a special focus on non-technical skills, human factors and how to successfully address human limitations in training.

Work environment and HSE surveys

– using standard areas & items with options addressing specific needs of information related to the operation, employee risk perceptions, organizational changes etc. When the priority is to explore more than getting a measure, we also deliver qualitative survey formats enabling employees to freely state their opinions.