We specialize in CRM training

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    We specialize in CRM training

  • CRM

    We specialize in CRM training

The Integrated Assessment Program

IAP on the Microsoft Surface


Get the maximum amount of data out of your training efforts. IAP keeps all data is kept in one secure location, making management easy.


IAP keeps track of each individual's performance across time, enabling powerful statistical operations to be performed on training data.


IAP was designed with usability and user-friendliness in mind. The beautiful user interface is a breeze to use.


The Team

The Hucon Global Team consists of experts
with decades of experience in the aviation industry.

  • Cpt. Tor Henrik Krokstad

    Tor Henrik Krokstad

    CEO Founder, Captain

  • Cpt. Leif Overskott

    Leif Overskott

    Chairman of the Board, Captain

  • Jon Lars Syversen

    Jon Lars Syversen

    Board Member, Psychologist

  • Cpt. Øivind Rønning

    Øivind Rønning

    Board Member, Captain

  • Dr. Malcolm Cook

    Dr. Malcolm Cook

    Board Member, Psychologist

  • Fredrik Krokstad

    Fredrik Krokstad

    Lead Software Developer